AP Chemistry (QA)

This course is a continuation of first year Chemistry and follows the curricula recommended by the College Board. Material covered will include topics already covered in Chemistry I, but will also build on these ideas and include completely new material. Because of the difficulty of the course, students should expect significant amounts of time spent working outside of class. This course will include a large lab component with a lab notebook required. Labs will include inquiry experiments to allow students to generate their own areas of investigation.

Grade: 11, 12
Year: 1 credit
Prerequisites: General Chemistry I or Honors Chemistry I (Honors strongly preferred) and Algebra II
Supplies: Dedicated AP Chemistry notebook, lab notebook, non-graphing scientific calculator
Summer Coursework: A packet regarding summer coursework and course expectations will be mailed to pre-enrolled students in May.
If you do not receive this packet, please contact the Counseling Office.