Chemistry I Honors (QA)

Chemistry I Honors is a rigorous introductory course in chemistry. Upon successful completion of this year long course, the student will have demonstrated the minimum knowledge and skills to prepare for a first course in university chemistry. Chemistry I Honors emphasizes lab work in the study of the following topics: classification of matter, atomic structure (to include the modern concept of the atom), ionic and covalent compounds, chemical reactions, and stoichiometry (mathematical determination of reaction amounts). The student will apply algebra concepts in solving chemistry problems. The student is expected to be able to make substitutions and isolate unknown algebraic variables. An additional year of chemistry is suggested for students in which their college major requires a course in university chemistry. College majors that require university chemistry as a cognate are: biology, geology, physics, pre-pharmacy, engineering and pre-medicine. Replacement costs for items broken by the student will be charged.

Grade: 11, 12
Year: 1 credit
Prerequisites: Integrated Science and Advanced Algebra II or concurrent enrollment
Supplies: Black pen, lab notebook, non-graphing scientific calculator
Summer Coursework: A packet regarding summer coursework and course expectations will be mailed to pre-enrolled students in May.
If you do not receive this packet, please contact the Counseling Office.
Calculator Policy and Tests: Use of graphing calculators will not be allowed during testing because of the amount of information pre-programmed in the memory.