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DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance,hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. With over a 60 year history, DECA has impacted the lives of more than ten million students, educators, school administrators and business professionals since it was founded in 1946. Their strong connection with our organization has resonated into a brand that people identify as a remarkable experience in the preparation of emerging leaders and entrepreneurs. DECA’s programs and activities have constantly evolved as we use the latest technology and apply cutting edge educational research. Our core focus has remained consistent and is captured in our mission.


  • Alex Bogart
  • Analyse Claude
  • Samuel Dorzweiler
  • Payton Garrison
  • Dennis Hordijk
  • Abby Kennemer
  • Lucy Lin
  • Graedon Mayfield
  • Alyssa Owens
  • Kaitlyn Schaben
  • Lisa Schoenberger
  • Ashtyn Toepfer
  • Charles Urban


  • Adyson Albers
  • Isabelle Braun
  • Emma Brungardt
  • Abigail Dickinson
  • Brianna Forinash
  • Ryan Hernandez
  • Palmer Hutchison
  • Mason Ibarra
  • Kallie Leiker
  • Lucas Mader
  • Trevor Mai
  • Emma Malleck
  • Keaton Markley
  • Macy Nowlin
  • Connor Olson
  • Jacie Robinson
  • Wyatt Scheve
  • Shyann Schumacher
  • Connor Teget
  • Peyton Thorell
  • James Von Lintel

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