Hays High School Bakery and Cafe

A student-run business that puts emphasis on employability in three different departments: bakery, cafe, and business. Operates only on Maroon day mornings, 8:15 to 10:35 a.m. The cafe, however, is open between 7:15-7:56 a.m, also only on Maroon days. 

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Within the bakery department, students bake all sorts of delicious treats for others to buy and enjoy. Some of their inventory include cookies, cinnamon rolls, and popcorn balls. If you wish to order some for yourself, you may click on the order form above!

Now open in Hays High, a café will be open during the beginning of school within the library each Maroon day, which will be open to all students and staff in the mornings. If you'd wish to buy some coffee or other treats they may serve, come to the school before 8 A.M!
Business Department

This department keeps the wheels of Helping Hands spinning, as they receive, send, and record all food orders and other transactions within the business. It is a very important job!
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